Ensure polymers meet global safety standards and simplify the process to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals for your products

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is a key analytical technique, providing a solution for assessing polymer properties and ensuring they meet international guidelines for polymers and polymers of low concern registration. OECD 118 and EPA 744-B-97-001 guidelines describe the GPC method utilized for polymer exemption.

Against this backdrop, the choice of a testing partner with the right expertise and capabilities becomes paramount. Intertek stands at the forefront of this field, offering comprehensive GPC testing services designed to support businesses in meeting their polymer exemption and regulatory compliance requirements efficiently and effectively. 

GPC is also referred to as size exclusion chromatography (SEC) which separates samples based on the hydrodynamic volume of the polymer molecules, can then be correlated to the average molecular weight by comparison to certified standards with known molecular weight, similar chemistry and solvating characteristics.

At Intertek, we work extensively with manufacturers, suppliers, and others to develop and optimize the GPC analysis to their particular polymer chemistry. Test reports are individually tailored for the relevant regulatory submission including USA, Canada, EU, Korea, China, Australia and others.

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