Financial Modeling for Power Plants

Intertek's financial modeling provides valuable input to your financial planning process helping to maximise future profits.

In order to be competitive in the market, power plant operators need to have an accurate financial picture of their budgets, revenue and spend and understand the true costs of plant operation. Without this financial insight, making decisions on important issues such as future capital and maintenance expenditure or how to position yourself in the market may be flawed. More importantly, this can affect long-term profitability and impact your ability to compete with rival power plants.

Intertek has extensive experience in financial modeling and economic optimisation of power plants. Our Total Quality Assurance analysis can help you identify and break down your plant costs, while taking into consideration important factors such as load following on-off cycling and minimum load operation.

We can provide the necessary information for you to make sound financial decisions on all aspects of plant operation, maintenance and availability for the market – and in turn help you maximise future profits for your power plant.

Our financial modeling tools include:

  • Value assessment
  • Risk based inspection (RBI)
  • Capital cost justification
  • Cost of cycling estimation
  • Variable operation and maintenance cost analysis
  • Long-term maintenance and capital spending plan
  • Performance and condition monitoring software
    • COSTCOM® – real-time software that alerts operators when the plant is using a damaging ramp rate or operating mode
    •  TubeAlertSM – helps to assess the remaining useful life of tubes
  • Life optimisation database
    • RBEA – Risk-Based Equipment Assessment
    • Aware™ – inspection data management system
  • Generation screening curve model
    • Screening curves provide a method for eliminating alternatives which are significantly less economic in a power generation capacity expansion study. It is a graph of time in hours versus total cost (in dollars). 
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Need help or have a question?

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