This Pipeline Corrosion and Integrity Management course provides a comprehensive review of pipeline corrosion monitoring, control and integrity management for safe and reliable oil and gas transport operations.

The course begins with a high-level review of the business justification for pipeline corrosion / integrity management and then summarizes the structure and use of Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) systems to achieve this. Other content that will be covered includes:

  • Pipeline risk assessment and management 
  • Risk-based maintenance / inspection processes  
  • PIM implementation for monitoring, testing and inspection 
  • PIM corrective actions and repairs
  • Emergency response
  • Performance management
  • Internal and external corrosion monitoring, control and mitigation

Who should attend? 
Professionals who work in pipeline engineering, operations and maintenance, including mechanical, process and pipeline engineers, operations managers and supervisors, safety / process safety professionals and senior level leaders who need to better understand pipeline corrosion and integrity management.

Upon request we are offering a 5 Day Special that combines our Flow Assurance - Wellbores to Export & Pipeline Corrosion and Integrity Management courses. Please contact our technical expert Dr. Stephen Ciaraldi to request this combined course offering. 


The Presenter:
Dr. Stephen W. Ciaraldi (Steve) is an Asset Integrity Management (AIM) consultant. He became a recognized expert in this field through his 30 years’ experience with Amoco / BP, Applus-Velosi and Intertek.

During that long service, Steve worked in various asset integrity management roles including R&D, facilities engineering, inspection, corrosion and chemicals management, pipeline integrity management, engineering and maintenance, risk management and as a technical authority for process safety and asset integrity. A majority of his Amoco / BP experience was directly at major production locations including those in Norway, Egypt, Trinidad and Indonesia. His time with Applus-Velosi was mainly spent providing technical assistance to clients throughout SE Asia, with focus on AIM systems implementation, assurance, audit and teaching.

Dr. Ciaraldi obtained Ph.D. and B.S. degrees in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He is active in SPE and NACE and has authored 61 publications on integrity management for oil and gas production. A majority of these involve development and implementation of comprehensive integrity strategies and their associated challenges in real world, field applications. His more recent independent work with Intertek has involved direct AIM consulting to oil and gas operator clients and AIM class instruction, both for in-house and public courses.

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