Data Center Reliability and Availability

Intertek can help you improve the reliability of data center equipment by using decades of experience they have performing risk and safety assessments along with operations and maintenance procedures

Data centers are an increasingly vital infrastructure, with millions of devices and systems dependent on the connectivity provided by the Internet.  Data center failures are expensive and potentially disastrous for the owner/operators, due to business disruption and lost revenue. While the goal of data center operators is to bring the data center back up to operation as quickly as possible, an analysis of the failure mechanism (root cause analysis) is typically warranted.  The failure analysis may range from a simple visual examination, to metallurgical evaluations of failed components, to a full engineering failure analysis requiring sophisticated software to model the failed components.
Performing risk and safety assessments along with development of operations and maintenance procedures is necessary to improve reliability of data center equipment. Intertek AIM is leading the industry in Total Quality Assurance and has decades of experience investigating the failure and reliability of industrial and facilities components. Our team has extensive experience with risk mitigation and forensic investigation of critical mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as auxiliary equipment including Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) or Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH), chiller plants, fire protection systems, and backup generators.

    Intertek’s Data Center service offering include:

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