Comprehensive, turn-key solutions for your HVACR Testing Facility Design include:

  • Facility Design Development: We will partner with you to develop or modify a chamber or fixture aligned to your objectives through an analysis of your markets, the scope of the project, your growth plans, budget, and timeline, as well any regulatory requirements. Your testing facility will be designed to meet your needs, taking into consideration floor-space, workflow patterns, and existing facility support equipment.

  • Data Acquisition: Real-time and summary data acquisition presents all data and calculations to fulfill your facility- and product-specific needs

  • Turn-Key Personalized Service: Your chamber, fixture, or room will be ready for operation once construction is complete, along with training of your personnel to operate the equipment

  • Correlation: Once your system has been installed, Intertek’s involvement continues through correlation, whether through testing your unit in our facility, or with a full Laboratory Evaluation and Adjustment Plan (LEAP). In addition, annual calibration of the facility to ISO 17025 is performed to ensure that the instrumentation for your chamber or fixture is performing as designed.

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