Acoustical and Airflow Testing for HVACR Equipment

Meet the Acoustical and Airflow Performance Requirements established by specifiers, buyers and regulatory authorities

HVACR equipment is often required to be tested for acoustical and airflow performance requirements that have been established by specifiers, buyers and regulatory authorities.  Intertek can assist you with product development by conducting testing that characterizes the sound and airflow performance of alternate components and designs.

Intertek's technical staff can provide you with complete acoustical testing services for a variety of products including:

  • Mechanical Equipment and Accessories – Outdoor unitary air conditioning equipment, non-ducted indoor air conditioning equipment, grilles, registers and diffusers, air control and distribution devices, fans, blowers and other air moving devices, machines, mechanical and electrical equipment and sub-assemblies; and hand-held power tools.
  • Building Materials and Assemblies – Partitions, walls, doors, windows and floor/ceiling assemblies, carpeting, wall coverings, acoustical panels and ceiling tiles, duct liner materials and prefabricated silencers.
  • Household Appliances – Room air conditioners, room air cleaners, vacuum cleaners, clothes washers, dish washers, blenders, mixers, can openers and other large and small appliances.

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