Candle Safety Testing

Intertek’s safety test for candles, room scenters, gel candles, nightlights, tea lights and lanterns, help candle manufacturers to minimize risks such as household fires, property damage, burn injuries and adverse effects from toxic coating materials or soot.

Candle safety testing not only helps manufacturers to improve product performance and quality, but will certify that your candles meet regulatory standards around the world. Compliance with safety standards including RAL-GZ041 Candle Quality Control and the General Product Safety Regulations of 1994 gives consumers confidence that your products are safe to use in their homes.

For all candle products, Intertek provides the following services:

Performance Tests

  • Burning Behavior 
  • Stability 
  • Soot / Smoke 
  • Burn Time 
  • Wick Behavior 
  • Flame Heights 
  • Temperatures 
  • Safety of Additional Ingredients 

Materials Tests

Lead and heavy metal content is analyzed and tested in dyes, lacquers, surface coatings, embedded materials, wick and the candle wax itself to prevent harm to personal health and the environment. Material and performance tests are also performed on candle holders, lanterns and containers to confirm they are stable and safe in product design.

Labeling Assessments

Candle products should be labeled or packaged with caution statements, safety guidelines and product use information to prevent potential misuse and dangers. Intertek provides a customized analysis of proper wording, placement and illustrations to create packaging texts that are easily understood by diverse markets.

Toxicology Assessments

Intertek can also assist in toxicology assessments of your candle products to ensure that the substances used in the manufacture of their candles such as additives, fragrance and colorants are safe and your products comply with legislation such as the European Union’s REACH Regulation

Your Candle Testing Partner

Bringing quality and safety to life, we apply our Total Quality Assurance expertise to candle safety tests, to help candle manufacturers minimize risks such as household fires, property damage, burn injuries and adverse effects from toxic coating materials or soot. Our laboratories, located in Europe, Asia and the United States of America, help manufacturers improve product performance and quality.


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