17 Oct 2013


Food Safety Conference
October 17, 2013
Birmingham, UK

We are delighted to have been invited to speak at Food Manufacturer’s new one-day Food Safety Conference on the 17th October at the Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, UK. John Searle, Intertek’s Quality Director of Food Services, will present an interesting seminar on “testing the limits of contamination” and will be analysing the implications for food safety.

John has gained over 25 years of experience within the food testing industry and with a background as a public analyst. He is well versed in ensuring food safety and quality whilst conforming to the legal compliance framework within the UK and EU.

In addition, John has trained as a third party auditing inspector for the British Retail Consortium (BRC), and has carried out many food standards and hygiene inspections advising small, medium and large food manufacturers. Through his expertise and dedication he continually demonstrates his in-depth knowledge of food law, food hygiene, quality assurance, labelling and an understanding of the pressures that the modern food industry faces.

Visit the conference website for further information and to book your place: http://www.foodmanevents.co.uk/page/food_safety_conference_2013.html

We look forward to speaking with you there.

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