Determination of Vapor Pressure in Crude Oil, using VPCRx ASTM D6377.

Effective April 1, 2015, under Rule Order 25417, North Dakota producers must make sure that the Vapor Pressure of the crude oil is less than 13.7 psi before the product is transported. Intertek’s new State of the Art Laboratory in Bismarck, ND is ready for NDIC 25417, providing
reliable, professional, on-site and local laboratory sampling, testing, and reporting support.

Intertek NDIC 25417 expertise and services:

  • Measuring VPCRx before offering crude into transport
  • ASTM D6377, Determination of Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil: VPCRx
  • Sampling method ASTM D3700 (LPG sampling by Floating Piston Cylinder) or ASTM D5842 (Sampling and Handling of Fuels for Volatility Measurement)
  • Quarterly measurements
  • Fast turnaround of test results for timely reporting to NDIC, within 15 days of the test date
  • Report contains a screen shot or print out of the VPCRx test conducted
  • On-site field services throughout North Dakota
  • Web portal services to access data securely
  • Data management and trending services by secure access of data through the Web Portal
  • Intertek provides GC Light Ends Analysis for determination of treatment efficiencies 

Order No. 25417 requires that the operator of an applicable production facility shall submit a Sundry Notice (Form 4) to the Director within 15 days of the test date, to include a VPCR4 (100ºF) instrument printout, together with details of the operating capacities, pressures, and temperatures of all well site conditioning equipment at the time of the sampling, and that the sampling must be performed by ASTM D3700 or ASTM D5842 (joint standard with API MPMS 8.4).

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