Texas City petroleum, fuel, and chemical testing laboratory.

The Texas City petroleum and chemical laboratory supports Texas City and Freeport area refineries, terminals, pipelines, and chemical plants with 24/7 testing expertise and services. 

Expanded Texas City lab capabilities include modern analytical instrumentation, allowing the laboratory to provide local in-depth trouble-shooting, trace analysis, and quality control testing for an expanded range of feed-stocks and products, including crude oil, refined fuels, and petrochemicals.

The new Texas City lab also samples and tests the new shale oil feedstocks used by local refiners. 

Advanced analytical technologies and expertise offered by the Texas City laboratory include gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, simulated distillation, trace analysis for oxygenates in hydrocarbon streams, trace metals analysis, and a new laboratory information management system (LIMS) which is integrated into Intertek’s global network.

Part of Intertek's international laboratory network, the Texas City laboratory works with other Intertek labs in Texas, the USA, and the world, to provide rapid and professional results for clients.

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