BS EN 228 premium unleaded gasoline quality testing and regulatory specifications.

Intertek laboratories offer BS 228, EN 228 premium gasoline fuel testing in Europe and other locations. Intertek offers full gasoline testing and inspection services on a global basis. Business enquiries only please

BS EN 228 Gasoline TestBS EN 228 Test Method
Appearance, ColourVisual
Water & Suspended matterVisual
DensityIP 160, ASTM D4052, ISO 3675, EN IOS 12185
Distillation CharacteristicsIP 123, ISO 3405
I.B.P. 10, 20, 50, 90 % (Initial Boiling Point) 
F.B.P. Evaporation @ 70º, 100º, 150º (Final Boiling Point) 
Final Boiling Point: Recovery and Residue % 
Copper Corrosion TestIP 154, ASTM D130, ISO 2160
Sulphur ContentIP 336, ISO 14596, ISO8754, IP 373
Existent Gum, (solvent washed)IP 131, EN26246, ISO 6246
Oxidation Stability, minIP 40, ASTM D525, ISO 7536
Lead ContentASTM D3237,D333 , EN237
Benzene Content, % (vol/vol)ASTM D2267, BS EN238, EN 12177
Research Octane NumberASTM D2699, 86/BS 2637 :1991, EN25164
Motor Octane NumberASTM D2700, 86, BS 2638:1991, EN25163
Vapour Pressure Psi/kPa DVPE/ASVPASTM D5191, ASTM D323, PR EN 13016
Hydro carbon types (F.I.A.)IP156, ASTM D1319
Methanol, Ethanol, IPA, TBA, Ethers C5+ASTM D4815, EN 13132
Other organic oxygenates 
Oxygen ContentCalculated from ASTM D4815
* Vapour Lock IndexCalc EN228 (Excluding Analysis)