Switzerland petroleum, fuel and chemical testing.

Intertek Caleb Brett Switzerland provides testing for fuels, petroleum refined products such as lubricants and chemicals.

Additionally, renewable energy sources as wood pellets, sludge or fat products can also be tested. The lab is open to any analytical service that could be provided from their equipment park.

Located in Schlieren (laboratory) and Birsfelden (inspection), the Swiss laboratory is accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and provide testing services to DIN, ISO, ASTM and industry specifications. The locations Birsfelden and Schlieren are part of the global Intertek testing network, and support cargo inspection activities on the Rhine river.

Switzerland petroleum and chemical testing:

Swiss petroleum and chemical cargo inspection:

Intertek Switzerland offices and laboratories are located in Geneva, Basel, Schlieren and Birsfelden. Additional Rhine river facilities are located in Germany and the Netherlands.

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