El Salvador petroleum, fuel, and chemical testing and inspection services.

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Intertek El Salvador's petroleum and chemical laboratory provides local crude oil, fuel, and chemical quality testing services to clients in the country and abroad.

The laboratory is located in the strategic Acajulta port region in Sonsonate, El Salvador, and was formerly operated by the Acajulta Refinery (RASA). Intertek negotiated an agreement to take over the laboratory and continue operations in December, 2013. 

Testing is conducted to globally industrial standards, including ASTM and ISO.The laboratory provides quality testing for liquid petroleum gases (LPG), crude oil, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, asphalt products, petrochemicals, and other hydrocarbons.

Intertek operations at the laboratory began in February 2014, and provides testing services to the major petroleum industry clients with operations in El Salvador. The laboratory is staffed by experienced professionals with an average 15 years of service, gained during their time at RASA.

El Salvador petroleum, fuel, and chemical testing:

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