Building a Foundation for Your Risk Management Program Webinar

Learn How a solid Hazard Register is key to your Risk Management & HSE System

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Despite the many types of hazards and associated risks in operations, safety risk should be identified in such a manner that everyone within the organization understands the barriers to these risks in place, whether those be processes/procedures, critical tasks, or safety/mission critical equipment. Identifying the owner of each barrier and the related assurance process for the barrier is a foundation in the overall system.   
To be effective, an organization's risk management plan should require the development and maintenance of an ongoing Total Quality Assurance process that enables the identification, analysis, evaluation, and treatment of risks that may impact the organization. This knowledge further enables the prioritization of actions to reduce these risks to an acceptable level. One method that organizations can use to handle their risk management information is to make use of what is called a Hazard Register.
During the webinar, we’ll provide an overview of the program, its benefits and the parameters around a Hazard Register as well as how to collect existing data, identify hazards and rank risks.
This webinar is open to everyone especially those with the following roles and responsibilities within industries such as manufacturing, aviation, construction, power generation, utilities and more. 

  • Safety Manager
  • Safety Engineer
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Risk Manager 
  • Human resources
  • Operational Excellence Manager

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Presenter: Allen Duke
Allen Duke is a Senior Executive with over 26 years’ experience in Risk and Operational management. With extensive and diversified experience in both operational and HSE roles with a primary focus of International Risk & Crisis Management, Allen has a vast knowledge in Operational Excellence and Technical Risk Management, specifically around process safety and operational integrity throughout the concept, design and execution phases of projects.

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