Oil and Gas Source Rock Analysis

Source rock composition for oil and gas reservoirs

Intertek evaluates petroleum source rocks using organic carbon content, hydrocarbon content, kerogen maceral analysis, visual kerogen, and vitrinite reflectance.

The geochemistry laboratories provide detailed oil reservoir source rock evaluation Total Quality Assurance services that includes TOC determination, source rock potential determination through Rock Eval Pyrolysis and source rock proclivity and maturity determination utilizing Vitrinite Reflectance and Visual Kerogen Typing techniques.

Vitrinite Reflectance provides measurement of maximum palaeotemperatures in hydrocarbon-bearing basins. Visual Kerogen Typing offers identification of Kerogen. Kerogen is solid, waxy, insoluble organic matter found in oil shale rock, consisting of a variety of hydrocarbons.

Oil and gas source rock analysis:

  • Sample Washing, Picking, Lithological Description
  • Solvent Extraction of Oil Based Mud Contamination
  • TOC Content Analysis Combustion
  • Rock Evaluation, Pyrolysis Analysis, He Pyrolysis
  • Vitrinite Reflectance Analysis (Whole Rock) Reflectance
  • Vitrinite Reflectance Analysis (Coals, point count to 1000 counts) Reflectance
  • Kerogen Maceral Analysis (qualitative) Optical
  • Kerogen Maceral Analysis (quantitative Point Count) Optical


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