Real Time Measurement of Methane Isotopes

Measure real-time methane carbon and deuterium isotopes in mud-gas at the well-site.

Intertek provides Total Quality Assurance continuous real-time carbon and deuterium isotope measurement on methane in mudgas at the wellsite. The device provides concentration data for methane and ethane saving clients up to 6 weeks compared to conventional laboratory analysis. The Automated Real-time Methane Isotope System (ARMIS™) provides methane isotope data critical for wellsite evaluation of hydrocarbon shows and real-time decision making.

Automated real-time methane isotope measurement system (ARMIS™):

  • Provides real-time carbon and deuterium isotope analysis of methane in mudgas
  • Provides real-time concentrations of methane and ethane in mudgas
  • Operates continuously during drilling
  • Provides data for immediate evaluation of shows for testing, well correlation, reservoir continuity, etc.
  • Provides real-time carbon and deuterium isotope analysis of methane in mudgas

Hydrocarbon show assessment:
ARMIS™ data provide a basis for instant evaluation of hydrocarbon shows including:

  • Biogenic vs. thermogenic origin
  • Depth of thermogenic source
  • Proportion thermogenic gas in mixtures
  • Association of gas with hydrocarbon liquids

Real-time obtained information provides a sound basis for making drilling and testing decisions. Without ARMIS™, mud-gas isotopic evaluations require weeks and are not available for important wellsite decisions.

Extended gas evaluation:
Evaluation of ARMIS™ data with similar data from other wells provides rapid assessment of well and reservoir parameters including:

  • Target interval penetration
  • Stratigraphic correlation between wells
  • Preliminary reservoir continuity assessment
  • Real-time horizontal drilling position

Automated wellsite sampling:
ARMIS™ can be integrated with an automated mudgas sampling system to provide reliable, intelligent sampling of mudgas based on customer’s criteria. The system monitors the mudgas and recognizes gas to be sampled while skipping unimportant shows, such as biogenic gas. The containers are easily shipped and analyzed in detail at Intertek Westport.

Engineered for wellsite operation:
ARMIS™ employs state-of-the-art laser spectroscopy in a rugged unit specifically engineered to operate under wellsite conditions. The automated system fits in an electronics rack and requires only electric power and a hydrocarbon stream to analyze. The data are available in real-time with basic interpretation performed by the software. More complex interpretation is available via remote data evaluation by Westport experts. 

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