Foundations are engineered systems designed to transfer and balance the load of a structure across the building site and into the soil and rock below. Intertek-PSI’s geotechnical engineers evaluate the subsurface of a site against the load bearing requirements of the project, using a variety of subsurface exploration methods, geotechnical studies, and load testing and analysis.

We believe in a collaborative approach to foundation design with the structural engineer and designer providing an understanding of the elements that will transfer the load of the project down to the foundation and in turn allows us to communicate the engineering judgment we use in developing our design parameters.

Intertek-PSI’s geotechnical staff has extensive experience with foundation inspections for all foundation types and the use cases of shallow foundations, deep foundations, retaining walls, site preparation and soil modifications (ground improvement). Our geotechnical projects are overseen by a panel of regional chief engineers. Their advanced knowledge and experience ensure that our foundation designs and recommendations are technically sound, meeting local standards, cost-effective, and reliable, framed within the concept of fulfilling any value engineering.

Foundation Design & Analysis Services:

  • Subsurface Investigation
    • Site Characterization
    • Geophysical Surveys
    • Geotechnical Drilling & Sampling
    • Geotechnical In-Situ Testing
    • Geotechnical Instrumentation
    • Groundwater Monitoring
    • Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
  • Foundation Design
    • De-Watering Concepts
    • Subsoil Modifications and Ground Improvement
    • Retention Systems (Temporal and Permanent)
    • Shallow and Deep Foundation
    • Deep Excavations and Shoring Systems
    • Pavement Structures
  • Foundation Analysis and Testing
    • Site Investigation and Evaluation
    • Foundation inspections
    • Pile/Pier Integrity Testing
    • Dynamic Pile Driving Analysis
    • Pile Load Test Supervision
    • Laterally Loaded Foundations Analysis


Additional Geotechnical Engineering Solutions

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