Helping consumer goods brands and retailers bring regulatory-compliant products to market.

Brand owners and retailers are responsible for ensuring that each product they sell meets regulatory requirements and are safe for their intended use. Failure to comply with applicable regulations can damage a company's brand and result in heavy fines and/or consumer litigation. To minimize risk, brand owners and retailers must carefully manage their supply chains and ensure they have all required documentation. This can be challenging as it requires knowledge of the latest regulatory frameworks (i.e., Cosmetic Regulations; Detergent Regulations; Biocide Products Regulation; Classification, Labelling and Packaging [CLP]; Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals [REACH], Global Restriction of Hazardous Substances [RoHS] Directives, California Proposition 65; Extended Producer Responsibility [EPR], etc.) for each product category, which varies by jurisdiction.

Intertek has knowledge, years of experience, and a variety of resources to support validation and verification of regulatory documentation. Our dedicated team of regulatory experts acts as a third-party consultant, leaving time for brand owners and retailers to focus on core business activities and providing peace of mind that their brands are protected. Most importantly, Intertek reviews the current regulatory processes/specifications used by brand owners and retailers to validate their supply and reduce the time needed to assess supply performance to market for their products.

Our core services include:

  • Developing regulatory requirement checklists, reporting on non-compliance, and maintaining records for products;
  • Contacting suppliers and obtaining required documentation;
  • Conducting gap analyses to identify missing documentation and analytical tests;
  • Advising on how to obtain missing documents, information, and analytical tests to meet regulatory requirements; and
  • Preparing and managing regulatory submissions.

Our team of scientific and regulatory experts will use their comprehensive experience to bring regulatory compliant products to market in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Intertek Assuris team understands the requirements for bringing formulated and consumer products (e.g., cosmetics, detergents and cleaners, biocides, general household chemical products, etc.) to market—as well as their complexity and risk. We also have extensive expertise with food contact materials, packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals substances for many intended uses, and more for which we can give clearance-to-supply support.

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