Inspection Data Management Aware Software

Intertek’s Aware™ software provides a web-based collaborative inspection management solution for owners and operators in a variety of industries.

Aware is an inspection data management system (IDMS) used to organize the inspection information of assets such as piping, pressure vessels, safety relief devices, valves, tanks, and other process equipment.  

Owners and operators of complex equipment and facilities need tools to manage the life of their assets. Highly engineered equipment is at risk from damage through corrosion, erosion and fracture, to name just a few. Rigorous inspection is needed to minimize the risk of equipment failure and meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, repairs and upgrades need to be accurately recorded and tracked.

Intertek’s innovative and technologically advanced Total Quality Assurance solutions help companies maintain equipment reliability and safety, determine equipment remaining useful life estimations, and manage inspection data.

Managing asset inspection is a complex task. Inspections produce high volumes of diverse data, which need to be analyzed, tracked, reported, and used for scheduling further inspection and maintenance activities. Additionally, the quantity and complexity of data can make it difficult to identify trends that reveal deteriorating or damaged equipment.

By linking data to specific assets Aware allows you to easily track the inspection history of every piece of equipment. Visualization capabilities allow you to overlay recorded information onto plans and technical drawings, so you can easily locate and review asset-specific data.

Aware helps you improve the reliability and safety of your equipment by organizing every aspect of inspection activity. It turns complex data into accessible information, helping you make faster and more accurate run, repair or replace decisions. It is the only IDMS software that utilizes a web-based environment combined with drawing interactivity where users can quickly navigate and visually locate asset information.

Aware also provides a platform for collaboration. You can share information across different sites, departments, or user groups that you define. The application is completely secure, so only authorized users have access. By promoting collaborative working, Aware can improve decision making, help ensure accuracy and standardization, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your inspection activities.

Our unique multi-disciplined engineering staff makes it possible to offer complete engineering services for companies seeking a turnkey solution or a jump start. Our mission is to ensure that you have a working business solution in place so you start achieving ROI immediately. Services include:

  • Training classes on and off-site 
  • Outage Support 
  • Aware Hosting and Management 
  • Drawing Creation and Maintenance 
  • Data Import and Analysis 
  • Customized Reports 
  • Custom Applications
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Need help or have a question?

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