Sustainability Services

Through our team of global sustainability experts and integrated assurance, testing, inspection and certification solutions, Intertek is uniquely placed to help organisations understand, achieve, and validate their existing and emerging sustainability goals.

Intertek’s Total Quality Assurance proposition recognizes that with increasing value chain complexity, our clients need a trusted partner and integrative sustainable solutions that provide confidence and peace of mind. Our services range from solutions to address immediate environmental, social and ethical compliance to the development of strategic portfolio initiatives, such as stakeholder engagement programs, sustainable supply chain management tools, reporting and assurance. Learn more about Intertek’s complete assurance, testing, inspection and certification services that support Sustainability in your organization.

*Intertek does not provide consulting services for management systems certification. Any consulting activities provided by Intertek are separated and independent from testing and certification activities.


Intertek's sustainability assurance services offer a solutions-driven and holistic approach to adoption of increasingly prominent environmental, social and economic best practices. Increasing demands from customers, investors and governments to demonstrate leadership in sustainability, can expose organizations to uncertainty and undue complexity. Our inclusive range of services means we specialize in supporting a wide variety of industries and sustainability initiatives. Whether for a product, food, chemical, packaging, process, building or business, Intertek’s global network of experts will support your sustainability needs. From life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting, recycled content and responsible sourcing to corporate sustainability reporting, GHG emissions reporting, management systems certification and compliance with sustainable building certifications.

Testing & Analysis

Increased scrutiny and demand for transparency of products, food, chemicals, packaging and processes has led to the necessity for testing & analysis services that support and validate sustainable claims. Ranging across industries, Intertek’s global network of laboratories perform testing services from supply chain testing, ingredient list verification, raw material, biofuel and chemical testing to performance testing, VOC emissions and formaldehyde testing in support of sustainability claims. At locations around the world Intertek laboratories also perform extensive environmental testing services including for soil, water and air emissions.


Inspections help clients protect their financial, branding and legal interests throughout the supply chain. Experienced inspectors ensure products and materials meet customer needs, industry standards and government regulations. With improved quality, reliability and safety clients can bolster efficiency and sustainability throughout their supply chain. Intertek routinely inspects products, materials and facilities in a range of industries, including; energy and commodities, agriculture, solar and wind plants. Manage risk, efficiency and sustainability in the supply chain with Intertek’s inspection services.

Certification & Auditing

Confirm that products and services meet leading sustainability standards and requirements. Intertek’s accredited certification and auditing programs ensure customers meet the increasing demand for sustainable, safe and reliable products and supply chains. With technical experts and auditors located world-wide Intertek is equipped to support auditing programs such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Workplace Condition Assessments (WCA), Think Green Initiative, Zero Waste to Landfill and various operation and reporting verification services.

With an increasing demand for transparent and recognizable sustainable claims, various sustainability certifications are emerging within the marketplace. Intertek’s green leaf and sustainability certification marks demonstrate reliable and accredited claims applied to your product, material or packaging. Intertek’s global network of certification & auditing services also support achievement of various third-party established sustainability certification programs.

All products, facilities, and organisations with an Intertek Sustainability Certification can be found on our public directory.


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