Corporate Sustainability Certification: Compliance

Today's organisations understand the interrelationship between compliance requirements and the sustainability of the business. The Intertek Corporate Sustainability Compliance standard brings these requirements together, challenging the organisation to evaluate their business practices, including the practices of supply chain partners, and support the long-term health of the organisation through the sustainability lens.

The Compliance standard will drive the organisation to incorporate sustainability objectives at every phase of business operations while ensuring the highest standards of compliance and ethical business practices the organisation can be proud of. Internal and external stakeholders will share in these achievements. This holistic approach to compliance will help establish the organisation’s leadership position in the industry by demonstrating its success while Doing Business the Right Way.

The standard is divided into five main sections: Management Systems, Ethics & Integrity, Regulation Monitoring, Contract Management and Verification.

Evaluates basic management systems in place within the organisation, such as policies and procedures, leadership, risk assessment, failure analysis, corrective and preventive action, continuous improvement and supply chain development.
Ensures all policies and processes around business ethics, code of conduct, values, anti-bribery and corruption are compliant with the long-term sustainability of the organisation.
Ensures processes are in place to monitor compliance with laws, regulations and voluntary commitments.
Ensures contracts are managed in accordance with ethical and sustainable business practices, as defined in the organisation’s policies.
Ensures that the organisation engages independent verification of its compliance program.

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