Corporate Sustainability Certification: People & Culture

Today's organisations understand the importance of employee engagement, human rights and worker health and wellness to the long-term success of the organisation. A sustainable workforce is stable, engaged and committed to the organisation, its goals and its objectives.

The Corporate Sustainability People & Culture standard brings these complementary requirements together in a way that drives a culture of a leading corporate citizens, including mentoring and engaging with supply chain partners with a compatible commitment and culture. The People & Culture standard will drive the organisation to incorporate sustainability objectives at every phase of human resource management, while proudly sharing its goals and accomplishments with stakeholders. This holistic approach to the people and culture of the organisation will help establish their leadership position in the industry by Building a Sustainable Workforce.

The standard is divided into five main sections; Management Systems, Qualifications and Training, Employee Engagement, Human Rights and Worker Health and Wellness.

Evaluates basic management systems in place within the organisation, such as policies and procedures, leadership, risk assessment, failure analysis, corrective and preventive action, continuous improvement and supply chain development.
Evaluates how the organisation prepares and supports their employees, ensuring competence to perform their assigned tasks in accordance with the organisation’s needs including succession planning.
Evaluates how the organisation ensures effective communication with employees, develops behavioural and organisational culture, manages talent attraction and retention and implements effective mechanisms for employee grievance processes.
Ensures ethics, human rights, labour, modern slavery and diversity policies are in effect and cascaded throughout the supply chain.
Evaluates the organisation’s processes to establish and maintain both the physical workplace and working environment.

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