The Sustainable Organisation understands their position as a leader in the community. As such they can use their influence to support community development. The Intertek Sustainability – Communities Standard brings these requirements together with sustainability, challenging the Organisation to leverage their leadership position as well as supporting the long-term health of the Organisation through the sustainability lens. The standard is divided into four main components; Strategy, Economic Productivity, Volunteerism and Education.

Evaluates how the Organisation ensures that considerations related to the community are included in strategic planning activities. 

Evaluates how the Organisation considers support for undeveloped or underdeveloped communities when considering new facilities and/or commencing work projects in those areas, including support for local job creation.

Evaluates how the Organisation participates with community volunteer projects, as well as support for employee engagement in pro-bono volunteer opportunities. 

Evaluates how the Organisation leverages their leadership position within the community in supporting local education programmes, including sustainability education.

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