The Sustainable Organisation understands the importance of incorporating sustainability principles with a culture of risk-based business management.

Intertek Sustainability

The Intertek Sustainability – Risk Management Standard brings these complimentary requirements together in a way that challenges the Organisation to ensure they incorporate a strong risk management culture guided by sustainability objectives. This includes understanding and managing supply chain partner risks. The standard is divided into four main components; Risk Strategy, Risk Process, Controls & Reporting, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery and Insurance.

The Intertek Sustainability – Risk Management Standard will drive the Organisation to incorporate sustainability objectives at every phase of business operations and product realization, while proudly sharing its goals and accomplishments with relevant stakeholders. This wholistic approach to risk and sustainability will help the Organisation by Building Resilience Through Systemic Risk Management and Awareness.

Evaluates how the Organisation has determined its appetite for risk and how that has been cascaded to other processes in alignment with the risk strategy

Evaluates the Organisation’s processes for identifying, understanding and mitigating risks, including risk reporting

Evaluates the organisation’s processes for evaluating risks related to third-party relationships, including alignment of performance and behavioural values.

Evaluates the ability of the organisation’s processes to be able to ensure business continuity in the face of an unexpected event, as well as its ability to recover to normal operations after a disaster.

Evaluates the organisation’s process for ensuring it has continual and sufficient insurance coverage.
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