The Sustainable Organisation understands the importance of incorporating sustainability principles into quality and safety management system requirements.

Intertek Sustainability

  The Intertek Sustainability – Quality & Safety Standard brings quality, safety & sustainability together, challenging the Organisation to evaluate their product and operational impacts, including those of supply chain partners, through the sustainability lens.  The standard is divided into four main components; Own Operations, Products & Services, Supply Chain and Innovation.


Evaluates how sustainability has been incorporated into the Organisation’s performance monitoring processes, facility management, hazardous chemical management, environmental risks assessment and distribution and logistics;

Evaluates how sustainability has been incorporated into end-to-end product/service design, product/service realization, testing and inspection activities;

Evaluates how sustainability has been incorporated and cascaded throughout the Organisation’s supply chain;

Evaluates how an Organisation is driving itself to incorporate sustainability in its product/service and process innovation activities.
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