Corporate Sustainability Certification: Quality & Safety

Today's organisations understand the importance of incorporating sustainability principles into quality and safety management system requirements. The Corporate Sustainability Quality & Safety standard brings these three requirements together, challenging the organisation to evaluate their product and operational impacts, including those of supply chain partners, through the sustainability lens. 

The Quality & Safety standard will drive the organisation to incorporate sustainability objectives at every phase of business operations and product realisation, while proudly sharing its goals and accomplishments with internal and external stakeholders. This holistic approach to quality, safety and sustainability will help establish the organisation’s leadership position in the industry, demonstrating Total Sustainability Assurance of Operations and Products. 

The standard is divided into four main sections: Own Operations, Products and Services, Supply Chain, and Innovation.

Evaluates how sustainability has been incorporated into the organisation’s management system, risk assessment, asset management, safety, personnel training and performance monitoring processes.
Evaluates how sustainability has been incorporated into end-to-end product design, manufacturing, testing and inspection activities.
Evaluates how sustainability has been incorporated and cascaded throughout the organisation’s supply chain.
Evaluates how an organisation is driving itself to incorporate sustainability in its product and process innovation activities.

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