The Sustainable Organisation understands the importance of Governance practices in demonstrating the values of the Organisation and its progress against policies and sustainability objectives, to both relevant stakeholders.

Intertek Sustainability

The Intertek Sustainability – Governance Standard brings these requirements together, challenging the Organisation to ensure their business practices are strategically aligned, adhere to policy requirements across all functions, ensure diversity in its workforce, align activities with sustainability objectives, engage in open and transparent communication with all stakeholders. Senior Management support is evident throughout the Organisation and the implementation of its strategies and policies. The standard is divided into eightcomponents; Board Independence/Oversight, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategy & Executive Alignment, Brand Reputation, Philanthropy, Corporate Controls, Fair Competition, Lobbying & Political Contributions.

Evaluates the Board’s practices in support of sustainability policies, including accountability, diversity, inclusion, and oversight.

Evaluates how the Organisation ensures there is open two-way communication with external stakeholders, including reporting.

Evaluates how the corporate strategy is aligned across the Organisation’s policies, including sustainability. Also evaluates processes for Leadership engagement, including communications with internal stakeholders.

Evaluates the effectiveness of the Organisation’s crisis communication strategies and policies including media and social media.

Evaluates the Organisation’s planning for and involvement in philanthropic activities around community service and contributions.

Evaluates how the Organisation ensures control of expenditures including authorities for approval, controls and corrective actions.

Evaluates how the Organisation ensures it has implemented and communicated its fair competition policy and has controls to monitor fair competition practices and take corrective action as needed.
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