The Sustainable Organisation understands the importance of the voice of the stakeholder and demonstrates it responds and is accountable to them. In order to keep relevant stakeholders engaged in the short and long term, effective communication strategies are a key factor.

Intertek Sustainability

The Intertek Sustainability – Communications & Disclosures Standard brings these requirements together with sustainability, challenging the Organisation to leverage their leadership position as well as supporting the long-term health of the Organisation through the sustainability lens. The standard is divided into seven main components; Strategic Communications & Disclosures, Sustainability Communications & Disclosures, Governance Communications & Disclosures, Financial Communications & Disclosures, Internal Communications & Disclosures, Regulatory Disclosures and External Disclosures.


Evaluates the process the Organisation employs to communicate strategic metrics, KPIs and other Organisational information to interested stakeholders.

Evaluates how the Organisation communicates its strategic direction and performance, including processes for accuracy verification.

Evaluates how and to whom the Organisation communicates results against governance policies, including risk identification and mitigation strategies as well as processes for verification of performance.

Evaluates how the Organisation ensures financial reporting is accurate and timely and subjected to verification.

Evaluates the Organisation’s communication strategies for ensuring internal stakeholders are kept informed regarding Organisational performance against strategies and objectives.

Evaluates how the Organisation ensures that communication with regulatory bodies is in compliance with requirements, including content and timeliness.

Evaluates how the Organisation communicates and engages with customers and media, on matters related to products, services or in crisis management situations.
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