Corporate Sustainability Certification: Environment

Today's organisations understand the importance of incorporating sustainability principles along with a robust environmental management system. The Corporate Sustainability Environment standard brings these complementary requirements together in a way that challenges organisations to evaluate their environmental aspects and impacts, including those of supply chain partners, through the sustainability lens.

The Environment standard will drive an organisation to incorporate sustainability objectives at every phase of business operations and product realisation, while proudly sharing its goals and accomplishments with internal and external stakeholders. This holistic approach to the environment and sustainability will help establish an organisation’s leadership position in the industry, by Protecting the Future of the Planet.

The standard is divided into five main sections; Management Systems, Climate Change, Resources, Biodiversity and Waste.

Evaluates basic management systems in place within the organisation, such as policies and procedures, leadership, risk assessment, failure analysis, corrective and preventive action, continuous improvement and supply chain development.
Evaluates how the organisation has assessed and understand the risks to the environment caused by their operations and how those risks are being mitigated.
Evaluates how well the organisation understands the impact its operations has on natural resources and steps being implemented to mitigate and innovate in response to the identified impacts.
Evaluates the organisation’s policies and actions related to environmental stewardship.
Evaluates how the organisation evaluates and manages the reduction of waste and wastewater generation within their operations.

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