The Sustainable Organisation understands the interrelationship between financial responsibility and the sustainability of the Organisation.

Intertek Sustainability

 The Intertek Sustainability – Financial Standard brings these requirements together, challenging the Organisation to evaluate their business financial practices, including robust financial planning, monitoring of performance against planned outcomes and monitoring external supply chain practices to clearly demonstrate the Organisation is planning for long-term sustainability. The standard is divided into five main components; Financial Planning & Analysis, Treasury, Capital Allocations, Management & Control, Internal Controls & Audit Function and Audited Financial Results.


Evaluates how the Organisation aligns financial planning, budgeting and forecasting with business sustainability goals and objectives.

Evaluates how short and long term funding management conducted in compliance with defined policies, including managing exposure related to trading and foreign exchange.

Evaluates how capital allocations for Organisational strategy, M & A strategy, expenditures, R & D and sustainability is aligned to support achieving corporate strategy.

Evaluates how the Organisation controls its activities through defined responsibilities, training & qualification, delegation of authorities and monitoring for compliance.

Evaluates how internal controls ensure compliance with all Organisation and legal requirements through internal audits, including publishing financial results to stakeholders, demonstrating alignment with the Organisation’s needs.
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