Sustainability is becoming more embedded into organisations, as companies realize they have an impact and at the same time responsibility towards people, communities, and environment.

Furthermore, there is increasing pressure for transparency from a variety of stakeholders. Investors are looking for greater transparency and how sustainability affects access to capital. Consumers are using companies’ sustainability pledges to make decisions about what to buy. Employees want to work for companies that are purpose driven and leading on sustainability. Regulators are increasingly demanding mandatory disclosures, and even independent assurance.

How do you decide where to start and what is important to your organisation, what are the required disclosures, and which reporting standards should you follow, are critical steps in setting the right ESG strategy and program.

Intertek ESG Strategy

Intertek offers ESG Strategy advisory services for your organisation. We support management to navigate the complex landscape of ESG, creating a road map for your sustainability journey by understanding areas of risk and impact and the story you want to tell. From there, we can help you set realistic KPIs and align your goals to the right framework(s) to make sure your message is heard.

Our services help you focus on areas of impact and navigate the rapidly changing landscape of sustainability:

  • Materiality assessments: Identify the issues that matter the most, with key sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Stakeholder engagement: Better engaging and communicating with your stakeholders to assess material risks and opportunities
  • Gap Analysis ESG framework: Identify current gaps to inform which frameworks may be best suited to report against the data requirements, and support your overall strategy setting
  • Benchmarking & target setting: Discovering how your business compares to your peers and how to approach and/or improve target setting
  • Sustainability report preparation to make your reporting visible, credible, and effective to broader audiences

Intertek covers all key global reporting frameworks:

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Database
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • The Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • The Value Reporting Foundation (Integrated Reporting Framework and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board)
  • Carbon Disclosure Protocol (CDP)

Why Intertek?

Intertek is passionate about sustainability. We have access to best-in-class technical experts, both globally and locally. Our customers know that they can communicate with total peace of mind on all aspects of their ESG journey. In addition, we are committed to our own ESG journey. Intertek celebrated its first carbon neutral year in 2020 and has committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050.S

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