Food Contact Regulatory Services

Food contact regulatory services to help you meet global compliance requirements, delivered by industry experts

Food contact regulatory services are necessary to achieve compliance for global regulations concerning food contact materials - also called indirect food additives.

These are materials that are intended to come into contact with food and are used in a broad range of applications including packaging, food machinery equipment and household items.


Food contact regulatory requirements around the world are complex with different regions requiring their own notifications (US, EU, China, So. America, etc) for new food contact substances as well as compliance specifications for food contact materials. It is essential to mitigate the risks associated with migration of chemical substances from food contact materials, or articles, into food, which could pose a health threat. Expedited market entry while ensuring the safe use of your food contact material or article is also desirable.

Our services include food contact regulatory compliance reviews, migration protocol development, third party certifications, migration studies as per FDA and EFSA guidelines, placement and monitoring of toxicology studies to support a submission, testing for NIAS, as well as guidance for use of recycled content in food contact applications. Our expertise spans the lifecycle of the project, beginning with an initial compliance review through to the notification of the new food contact substance, if necessary, which includes testing, regulatory support and a safety risk assessment until compliance is reached.

Intertek’s strategic and methodical approach to gathering information, to regulatory considerations, and testing requirements and documentation can help you to achieve swift compliance, support notification or provide the analytical data and insight you need for your specific food contact materials or articles - whether they are comprised of plastics, paper and board, glass, metals, ceramics, printed or coated materials or other materials.

We liaise with regulatory agencies on a company’s behalf when required. Our wide-ranging geographic presence and decades of regulatory knowledge have allowed us to create collaborative relationships with agencies around the world, accelerating the regulatory process. We can interpret current regulations as well as design customized food contact compliance programs, each able to demonstrate that your materials and articles are in compliance with the applicable legislations.

We will provide comprehensive regulatory support for fast track and cost-effective approaches to enter new markets, aid with the introduction of new products and assistance to adapt to changes in existing regulations. Our decades of experience guarantees extensive knowledge of all aspects of food law and food contact laws, and our strong communication network with local and regional governmental authorities is a competitive advantage for our clients.


We provide food contact petitions and notifications expertise for submission in the European Union (EFSA), USA (FDA), Japan (JHOSPA), South America (MERCOSUR), China, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Philippines, South Korea and other countries, including but not limited to:

- Protocol Development for Migration Testing
- Impurity profiling
- Complex formulation identification
- Safety risk assessments provided as part of the food contact notification package
- Best solution for toxicity testing covering relevant markets
- Preparation of opinion letters on compliance status, including analysis and evaluation of new formulations.

We offer food contact chemical testing and analysis with laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for different food contact materials such as plastic food contact materials or paper and cardboard.

Our scientists perform analytical screening for critical substances (such as aromatic amines, solvents, BADGE/BFDGE/NOGE, phthalates and more). We also provide overall migration testing according to EN 1186 and specific migration testing according to EN 13130 for specific migration substances including monomers, additives, and other trace residual substances such as Bisphenol A, plus method development expertise for these specific components, as well as NIAS testing studies and risk assessment.

With far-reaching analytical expertise we are able to meet the requirements in regard to ink migration and address issues associated with contaminants, taints, packaging performance and more. We provide an independent service with the option for expert witness services so that our data - and our insight - can support legal disputes.

- Overall and specific migration testing
- FDA end testing as per 21 CFR
- Analytical methods design & development
- Analytical protocols for recycled materials 

Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) and Non Listed Substances (NLS) represent a major issue for the food contact materials industry. Our food contact experts deliver NIAS testing and risk assessment solutions via a stepwise process which addresses all sources of risk and optimises value for your food contact material programs.

Acting as a third party in the value chain, we will coordinate information between business partners, evaluate formulations given to Intertek Regulatory Services under nondisclosure agreements, ensure compliance of the evaluated products and assess all parameters pertaining to ongoing sustainability

We provide a comprehensive array of services for industry, including preparation for FDA No Objection Letter submissions for recycled plastics, life cycle analysis, recycled plastic content testing in final articles, challenge test required for NOL submission and guidance to achieving optimum, attractive and sustainable packaging solutions.

Our experts provide valuable education for your employees on regulations relevant to your business.

We provide training courses which can be customized according to your needs, both in-house or at your site, during which our experts provide vital education for your employees regarding regulations relevant to your business, and much more.

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