The life cycle and end-of-life management of plastic products and packaging receiving global attention.

Single use plastics, micro-plastics and composite plastics are not readily collectable or recyclable and typically make their way into the environment with negative consequences. Plastics are not typically biodegradable and usually find their way into landfill, incineration or water systems such as lakes and oceans. Although, plastics do not biodegrade or decompose into natural substances, they do break down over time into smaller particles, often releasing hazardous substances into the environment on which we rely for food and water.

Governments world-wide are developing initiatives and regulatory frameworks to manage single use plastics, micro-plastics and plastics at the end of their life. While brands are taking this opportunity to innovate and rethink plastic use, design and disposal in products and packaging to meet rapidly emerging legislation.

Intertek’s expertise in plastic and packaging regulation compliance, evaluation, testing and innovation in design can assist brands, organizations and suppliers comply global standards, appropriately market claims and meet growing consumer demand for quick and effective solutions.

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