Food Contact Compliance Programs Industry Support

Support towards industry compliance with European Food Contact Regulations for all manner of Food Contact Materials

Food contact compliance programs are key to industry as, in Europe, Food Contact Materials need to be in compliance with the general safety rules as stipulated in the Framework regulation EU 1935/2004.

In the case of some materials and substances specific measures are implemented, for example the Commission Regulation EU No. 10/2011 for plastic materials.


For many other materials, national regulations are in place or guidelines and recommendations are available to support with the risk assessment of a Food Contact Material. 

Each operator in the supply chain manufacturing or selling food contact materials has the responsibility to demonstrate compliance with the rules applicable to the substances, materials or articles that are intended to be used in or as a food contact material.

Intertek food contact experts support the industry with setting up compliance programs. The following steps need to be considered to achieve compliance of a food contact material, with which our experts will guide and assist:

  • Gathering the complete list (Bill of Material) of all materials and substances used in the manufacturing process of a food contact material or article.
  • Verify which regulations are in place for the materials and articles to fulfil compliance for global and/or local markets.
  • By lack of regulations, verify if industry guidelines or non-binding resolutions are available to support a risk assessment.
  • Identify if the substances are allowed to be used; check positive lists and if limitations (specific migration limits) or other requirements (e.g. compositional) are in place. 
  • Identity the final food contact application of your material; which kind of foodstuffs are intended to come into contact with these materials, which are time and temperature conditions.
  • Set up a compliance program; this can include migration testing, worst case calculations, modelling, screening tests, NIAS studies and/or toxicological risks assessments.
  • Demonstrate that the manufacturing process fulfils the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) regulation (EU 2023/2006).
  • Set up a Declaration of Compliance (if mandatory) and make sure all supporting documentation is available on request to authorities.

Intertek experts can support the supply chain by coordinating information between business partners, evaluate formulations and by setting up the compliance programs customized to meet your needs.

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