Helping companies meet their sustainability objectives through the utilization of recycled plastics in their products while ensuring product safety and compliance with global food contact regulations.

The Plastics Challenge

As companies around the world work to meet sustainability initiatives, demand for food contact–compliant recycled plastics is rising. Government and regulatory agencies around the world are demanding an increase in the percentage of recycled materials used in products and packaging to reduce the amount of solid waste sent to landfills.

Who is Impacted?

Food, medical, and cosmetics packaging manufacturers that use products containing post-consumer recycled plastics must ensure the safety of their products for consumer health and must comply with packaging regulations around the globe.

The Intertek Advantage

The regulatory environment for the plastics recycling industry can be complex due to frequent updates. These regulations and guidelines vary by country and region – they specify requirements for product safety and provide suggestions for the use of recycled plastic in product packaging. Products manufactured using recycled plastic material must comply with the requirements listed in the applicable regional or country regulation/guideline in order to be placed on the market.

Our global network of experts provide regulatory and sustainability support services and analytical testing to help the food, medical, and cosmetics industries navigate their products through the vast regulations and standards around the world, minimizing product safety risk and efficiently bringing product packaging solutions to desired jurisdictions.

Our services include:

  • FDA No-objection letters or Pre-Notification Consultation for recycled materials  
  • EFSA petition for recycled materials process
  • Advice and recommendations to ensure the safe use of recycled materials in food contact applications  
  • Analytical testing services (e.g., challenge tests) to determine the efficacy of the recycling process in removing contaminants from recycled plastics
  • Advice in the development of recycling processes and quality control processes 
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