Full certifications for Open ADR 2.0 A and/or B VTNs (Virtual Top Node) and VENs (Virtual End Node)

Open ADR is an internationally recognized Smart Energy standard that provides a reliable and cost-effective energy consumption solution for a product or system. It creates a two-way information exchange of price and event messages called Demand Response (DR), which balances Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in real-time. Utilities benefit by having a more reliable and manageable grid and consumers benefit monetarily for participating in an Open ADR load reducing program. One such example is when consumers charge their electric vehicles during off-peak hours using Open ADR certified electric vehicle charging stations, it results in a lower energy cost for them.

Additional benefits of having a product Open ADR certified include use of the Open ADR Certified Logo on product packaging, product placement on the Open ADR Alliance website and company representation at events. The lead-in time for the certification test is normally about two weeks, during which the necessary documentation is reviewed and signed, and testing is scheduled.

Intertek offers full certifications for Open ADR 2.0 A and/or B VTNs (Virtual Top Node) and VENs (Virtual End Node). Certifications are typically completed in 2-5 business days depending on the certification package submitted to the lab. Intertek ISO 17025 accredited test labs are available in the United States, Japan and Korea.

Demand Response definition:
Demand Response (DR) is the temporary modification (e.g., shifting or shedding) of demand on an energy grid triggered by stresses on the grid or market conditions. The Open Automated Demand Response Alliance (“Open ADR”) has developed a specification that defines an interface between the Demand Response Automation Server (DRAS) and its client devices. It facilitates the automation of client response to various DR programs and dynamic pricing throughout an electrical grid. The specification also addresses how third parties such as utilities, Independent System Operators (ISOs), energy and facility managers, aggregators, service providers and hardware and software manufacturers communicate with the DRAS.

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