Ensure the performance and security of your connected Smart Home Devices with our comprehensive Performance, Software, Wireless and Conformance testing and certification solutions

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a whole new world of innovation in connected solutions to run homes smarter and more efficiently. From HVACR, to lighting, security, and beyond, smart home solutions offer control and automation to users to allow them to manage nearly any system with the touch of a button.

Intertek works closely with manufacturers of connected home solutions to make certain that the convenience inherently promised to consumers is realized. We test user interfaces to ensure that it will be intuitive to customers. We make sure that light sensors know someone is in the room even if they are sitting in a corner.

In addition to convenience, consumers need security precautions built into their connected devices. Intertek performs penetration testing of products to safeguard customers’ data from cyber-attacks.

Manufacturers also need to be concerned that their now connected device operates just as well as when it was not wirelessly enabled. Connected devices often use an internal battery and the type of wireless platform used for connectivity will have a large effect on battery life. Intertek advises manufacturers on the best wireless platform for their connected products and has vast experience in testing batteries for performance and safety.

Another impact of adding wireless to products is the country-specific regulations and certifications that will be required when selling products globally. We streamline often complicated processes and manage product certification from start to finish. Intertek will help you gain access to the global markets you desire whether it’s North America, European Union, Asia Pacific or elsewhere.

Intertek helps manufacturers of smart solutions get to market quicker, avoid costly mistakes and, above all else, protect their brand.

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