Interoperability testing can cover a large space which includes Hardware, Software, Networks and legacy products. While these are often viewed as separate efforts, interoperability testing considers as many of the various issues that can occur and combines them into a unified test effort.

Intertek provides a full suite of interoperability services for connected devices, providing total quality assurance with objective results further widening your competitive advantage and closing competitive gaps.

  • Reliability of the application or device
  • Data protection and cybersecurity concerns
  • Performance during use
  • Compatibility with other devices or networks
  • Out of box testing for first time users
  • Identify defects throughout common use cycles

Specific Device Interoperability Tests:

Manual Testing

Manual testing can be the most thorough effort in the test process. Recreating the user experience in a real-world scenario can identify key defects that can be missed in the automated process. Manual testing has great success in detecting issues in an application before or after commercial launch. Performing manual testing in house can often lead to delays due to the resource requirements and lack of expertise in developing robust test plans. Utilizing a 3rd party like Intertek allows teams to offload that effort and take advantage of our scope, scale and expertise while your team focuses on other tasks.

Black Box Testing

Black Box testing covers the identification of issues occurring outside of the development team such as incorrect entry points or interface errors. Black Box testing takes the position of a potential user to help identify areas that may not be identified in an automated evaluation. Because many teams aren’t focusing on creating specifications for Black Box testing it can be difficult to cover many parts of the application; Intertek can assist with defining test criteria based on our expertise across a broad range of technologies, devices and protocols.

Benchmark / Comparison Testing

There are many applications that perform similar functions in app stores today and compete for the same users. Comparison testing can help identify the strengths and weaknesses that your product has over your closest competitors while also giving insight into what advantages your competitors may have. As an independent resource, Intertek can help provide testing and competitive analysis data that can help drive features and product quality forward.

Mobile Application Testing

While the mobile application field has continued to stabilize from an OS perspective, the number of devices and other variables has still grown. Testing previous generations of software is becoming more difficult to handle due to the accelerated update cycle. Intertek can help test both the cutting edge as well as the legacy software that can often be the most common. Verifying app performance and functionality across a number of devices and OS versions is something that can make the difference between 3 stars and 5 stars on an application store.

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