Solutions for Food Retailers

Intertek helps food retailers to ensure that their products comply with national and international standards for food safety and quality.

In recent years, retailers have been liberating themselves from the traditional definition of private label as being the poor relative of national brands and, in doing so, have opened up huge opportunities for private label branding. These opportunities require the adoption of a different set of brand care measures and branding protection to support and propel the retailer’s business for its private label brands.

The market demands not only “safe” products but also consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of ingredients, nutritional value, origin, traceability, sustainability, environmental impact and quality requirements.

Intertek can provide support to the retail industry with our comprehensive range of services to ensure that your food products meet these increasing expectations.

We have the knowledge, experience and global presence to support and guide you through the entire audit process and food certification, helping you meet the challenges and maximise the benefits. We can provide product and system certifications, social and environmental responsibility certification, custom audit solutions and audits to the point of sale.
As a reliable supplier, we identify potential challenges at the source before they become a problem. We carry out inspections of construction, pre-loading and loading. We track unloading and weighing, and also monitor the loading / unloading process.
We use the very latest methods and technology to identify risk factors, improve quality, efficiency and add value to the market. As your testing partner, we provide fast turnaround times and accurate results that demonstrate compliance with legal requirements. Just some of the testing services we provide include microbiological analysis, nutritional analysis, analysis of contaminants, species detection, and environmental testing.
Our services cover labelling validation from a complete analysis of the nutritional aspects including layout, language changes and updates on legal claims in order to support the global commercialisation of the product.
In order to help achieve the highest levels of safety and quality, Intertek analyses not only food, but also offers migration testing of packaging, utensils, food processing equipment services, and many other materials intended to come into contact with food. Similarly, we analyse industrial food equipment, offering security and certification testing according to national and international standards.
We provide personalised training programmes which address a wide range of topics and can be made ​​available on-line, on-site, or at any Intertek location around the world. The courses operate at the forefront of local and international developments, the legal compliance requirements of our customers, and the best practices in manufacturing. Our experts therefore have the necessary experience to ensure that key personnel and their management teams are updated on major compliance issues, techniques, skills and more.
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