Learn how INGRID allows customers to quickly gain strategic advantage through the understanding of their relative position in the market and asset life prediction.

This webinar will introduce INGRID, a web-application for power plant owners and operators to benchmark their units in terms of plant operations, reliability and cycling costs.  It will address how to use INGRID, how to access public databases and how to understand the current impact of renewable penetration on the fossil fleet.

Map of all power plants in the Ingrid Database by fuel category

We will help you to understand the maintenance “wear and tear” costs and risk and show you the tools that allow power plants to compare their performance with their peers, providing critical information which can then be used to make smart data driven decisions by using big data analytics. Plant owners and operators want to gain valuable insight into their generating asset's performance, efficiency, reliability, and cycling operation metrics. By assimilating data from the operation of thousands of operating fossil generators that reflect past performance metrics, in particular power plant cycling, impact on plant reliability and emissions, Ingrid allows Intertek experts to analyze operations at highly granular timescales and develop powerful insights.

For your convenience we conducted this webinar in English and Spanish. With your registration you will have access to all sessions.




Who should attend this webinar? 

  • Plant owners and operators
  • Plant stakeholders


Why use INGRID?

  •  Have updated cycling information
  • Compare your plant to your peers (same capacity, age, and fuel)
  • Assess performance and establish baselines
  • Set performance improvement goals
  • Increase efficiency and flexibility
  • Lower maintenance costs 


Presenter: Dr. Gascón

Dr. Gascón is a Senior Data Scientist and Product Manager with expertise in evaluating large data sets from fossil and renewable energy power plants. He then uses statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and machine learning techniques to generate predictive models to improve plant efficiency. Dr. Gascón earned a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics developing detectors to study nuclear reactions and currently leverages his broad experience, programming skills and quantitative analytical background to solve a wide variety of in the power industry. He is the principal architect of Intertek's data analytics platform INGRID. 

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