Learn how INGRID helps plant owners and operators to compare their production metrics and cycling costs against those of their competitors.

This webinar introduces INGRID, a novel Analytics Tool for power plant owners and operators to understand how plant-specific variables affect production metrics, such as type of fuel, size, age of the plant, make, and model of gas.

It addresses how to use INGRID, how to access public databases, and how plant operators can obtain production metrics from other plants when most power producers treat this data as confidential. We drill down on plant reliability metrics for specific equipment within power plants such as failure rates and failure mechanisms. This webinar also shows how the benchmark works and how customers can request specific modules for their fleet-wide INGRID profile.

Demo typical user profile with Operational, Reliability and Financial Benchmark

The webinar also addresses how to understand the current impact of renewable penetration on the fossil fleet and how to use INGRID to predict remaining life of equipment, especially in aging plants where it would be more economical to replace or upgrade rather than pouring money on maintenance.

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Who should access this webinar?

  • Plant owners and operators
  • Plant stakeholders

Why use INGRID?

  • Have updated cycling information
  • Compare your plant to your peers (same capacity, age, and fuel)
  • Assess performance and establish baselines
  • Set performance improvement goals
  • Increase efficiency and flexibility
  • Lower maintenance costs

Presenter: Dr. Gascón

Dr. Gascón is a Senior Data Scientist and Product Manager with expertise in Big Data from fossil and renewable energy power plants. He is an expert in statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and Machine Learning which he uses to generate predictive models to improve plant efficiency. Dr. Gascón earned a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics developing detectors to study nuclear reactions and currently leverages his broad experience, programming skills and quantitative analytical background to solve a wide variety of problems in the power industry. He is the principal architect of Intertek's data analytics platform INGRID.