Your partner throughout the complete design of your project

Project design is one of the most crucial components in the project life cycle and you should not have to go at it alone. As the complexities of a project’s design grow, so should your assurance that your work is compliant with building codes, ADA regulations, and with the specifications laid out for the project.

Drawing off of industry experience, major projects, and our unique product testing and certification capabilities, Intertek offers full scale services to help our clients minimize their risk, keep costs low, and ensure a soundly designed project.

Offering services in the pre-design phase to total project completion, our architects, engineers, and scientists offer full BIM and Revit capabilities and can help you with your integrated project delivery (IPD) and Lean design. Additionally, we offer value-engineering services to assist designers with the most appropriate and optimized system and materials selection.

The design of your project cannot fail. Let Intertek be your partner to provide assurance and minimize your risk.

Ask about our Design Services

Construction Materials

  • Materials Engineering and Design
  • Value Engineering of Plans and Specifications


  • Modeling Services
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Plans and Specifications
  • Remediation and System Design
  • Risk Assessment


  • Design-Level Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydrogeological and Stormwater Engineering
  • Modeling Services
  • Pavement Evaluation and Design
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Roadway/Transportation Investigation and Design
  • Site Preparation and Foundation Specifics

Industrial Hygiene

  • Asbestos/Lead-Based Paint Abatement Design
  • Indoor Air Quality Remediation Planning
  • Mold Remediation Design & Specifications
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Plans and Specifications

Building Sciences

  • Compliance Audits
  • Engineering Due Diligence
  • Existing Structure Investigations
  • Pavement Surveys
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Roof Surveys