Electrical Safety Testing for Wind Turbines

Intertek evaluates both large and small wind turbines, inverters, and components to UL, CSA, IEC, AWEA, and EN standards, as well as other state, national and international regulatory requirements.

Intertek is experienced in the complex regulatory issues influencing the testing and evaluation of wind turbines. We have over 2GW of wind turbine field evaluation experience in North America. Seven of the top ten global wind power companies rely on Intertek for their field evaluation needs. We offer a full range of services including product design reviews, component testing, field evaluations, and certification.

Wind Turbine Certifications

  • SCC Approval in Canada
  • OSHA Recognized Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)
  • EU Notified Body
  • Certification to UL, CSA, IEC, AWEA, and EN standards (CE mark for Europe), as well as other international regulatory requirements


SmartTrack Program for Large Wind Turbines

Our SmartTrack Program for Large Wind Turbines assures manufacturers that their sourced components will meet the requirements for field labeling of wind turbines while working on full certification to US and Canadian standards. No other NRTL works as closely with wind turbine manufacturers to resolve unlisted component issues.



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