Polymer and plastics testing services in Australia providing specialist industry support in quality assurance, failure analysis, R&D, unknowns analysis

The Intertek polymer and plastics laboratory in Melbourne, Australia provides extensive analytical testing and characterisation of polymer and plastics - including analysis of PVC, PE, PP, nylon, fluoropolymers, rubber, polycarbonate and other polymers; chemical, petrochemical, automotive, food packaging, and reverse engineering serving a wide spectrum of industry.

Our TGA/GMP-calibre laboratory is ISO 9001 certified, and has ISO 17025 accreditation for numerous tests and analyses.

Our experts support clients with product and process optimization, batch release characterisation, quality assurance, R&D programs and food contact materials compliance testing to international and regional, industry or client-specific standards. 

We provide identification of unknown polymers, fibres and surface coatings, into chemical attack, and specialise in contamination and foreign matter investigation, with experience ranging across plastics, glass and within the automotive components industry, providing valuable insight into issues – for example which may have their source in the supply chain - and reducing the potential for lost productivity.

Polymer and plastics testing includes:

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