Prevent Hazardous Situations with Lighting for Wet Environments

Whether for use in hot tubs, swimming pools, fountains, or spas, luminaires must meet industry specifications and safety standards to gain market access.

The two main types of pool and spa lighting – dry-niche and wet-niche – each have their own set of requirements. Dry-niche lighting must provide drainage, below the lowest live part, to prevent accumulation of water within the luminaire. Wet-niche lighting, however, should provide at least four openings to permit free passage of water into the wet-niche luminaire housing.

For both, hazardous electrical shock is the greatest safety concern. To protect consumers, manufacturers are required to meet industry standards, with the products ready to be installed in accordance with all applicable local and national codes, such as the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70). While navigating these requirements can be a complex process, Intertek can assist in getting products to market faster.

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