Evaluate the degree of protection provided by a product’s enclosure with IP Testing per IEC 60529, from Intertek

What is Ingress Protection (IP)?

An Ingress Protection (IP) rating refers to the degree of protection an electronic or electrical enclosure provides against external dust, fluid, insects, or other objects that may pass through into the product. IP testing helps ensure and validate a product’s enclosure will withstand moisture and dust and perform as expected in environments where extreme weather conditions are prevalent.

Although ingress protection (IP) testing is voluntary, specifiers and purchasers often request an IP Rating in order to verify your lighting product’s acceptability for use in outdoor or industrial applications. We validate that your product’s enclosure will withstand moisture and dust, and will perform as expected in environments where these conditions are prevalent. With IP testing per IEC 60529, you can confidently stand by your performance claims.

An Ingress Protection rating may be the additional proof of product quality verification that gives you the competitive advantage you seek. Download our white paper below for an insight on water/dust ingress testing and how it applies to the requirements specific to lighting products:

Ingress Protection for Lighting Products - IP vs. NEMA Ratings White Paper

What is IEC 60529?

IEC 60529 (Degree of Protection Provided by Enclosures) is a general environmental IP standard for electrical equipment, including lighting, that is permanently mounted and not portable. IEC 60529 was developed to rate and grade enclosures of electric and electronic devices against the resistance of dust and liquids as well as how easy it is to access the potentially hazardous parts within the enclosure. IEC 60529 ratings enable a manufacturer to sell products in Europe and other locations outside of North America.

The IP code is made up of two numerals:

  • The first numeral indicates the level of protection from solid objects (dust) and is rated on a scale from 0 to 6
  • The second number indicates the level of protection from fluid or water provided by the enclosure and uses a scale from 0 to 9

IP Testing Required for IEC 60529 Rating

Dust (First Number) Moisture (Second Number)
IP 0x - No Protection IP x0 - No Protection
IP 1x - Objects > 50mm IP x1 - Protected Against Vertically Dripping Water
IP 2x - Objects > 12mm IP x2 - Protected Against Dripping Water (15º tilted)
IP 3x - Objects > 2.5mm IP x3 - Protected Against Sprayed Water
IP 4x - Objects > 1mm IP x4 - Protected Against Splashed Water
IP 5x - Dust Protected (Vacuum) IP x5 - Protected Against Water Jets
IP 5x - Dust Protected (Non-Vacuum) IP x6 - Protected Against Powerful Water Jets
IP 6x - Dust Tight IP x7 - Protected Against Effects of Temporary Immersion
  IP x8 - Protected Against Continuous Immersion
  IP x9 - Protected Against Water with High Pressure/ Steam Jet Cleaning
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