Get Ahead with Roadway Lighting Testing and Certification to Industry Requirements

Manufacturers of roadway lighting must design products that provide the light needed for roadway safety while also taking into consideration light distribution and cost.

End users of roadway luminaires look for products that eliminate glare and minimize light pollution. In addition to light performance, these consumers look for products that have low installation and operation costs and consume as little energy as possible. With a longer lifespan and reduced future maintenance expenses, many are turning to LED roadway luminaires as a potential energy and cost efficient option. Intertek helps you stay competitive in this evolving industry while providing you with the third party testing and certification needed to gain compliance with standards outlined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).

Staying competitive involves making use of time and cost efficiencies for your projects. Intertek's BundLED Services offer helps you with this.

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