Intertek has exclusive approval from the FAA to verify your airfield lighting equipment’s compliance to performance standards

In response to recent advancements in LED lighting technologies, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) developed a supplemental set of requirements titled Engineering Brief 67 that can evolve alongside the industry’s widespread application of LED light fixtures.

Engineering Brief No. 67D (EB 67D) currently identifies testing requirements for airport and obstruction lighting fixtures subject to certification under AC 150/5345-53. To comply with the latest version of the brief (which replaces EB 67C), manufacturers must partner with a third-party testing and certification provider to verify that their airport lighting equipment meets all applicable design and operational provisions prior to the December 2012 effective date.

Partner with Intertek today to schedule an Engineering Review. Our lighting engineers have extensive experience testing traffic control and airport lighting products, and can determine required action items for bringing your product into compliance with Engineering Brief 67D based on your existing qualification file.

Intertek: The Only FAA-Approved Third-Party Certifier
In partnership with the FAA, Intertek is the exclusive third-party certifier for runway, taxiway, approach, and obstruction lighting equipment in accordance with the FAA 150/5345 series advisory circulars.

As an FAA-approved laboratory, Intertek provides a full suite of testing solutions for airfield lighting manufacturers seeking compliance testing to Engineering Brief 67.

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Learn more about compliance testing for FAA EB 67D.
EB 67D Fast Facts
Who: FAA
What: Engineering Brief No. 67D
When: Compliance by Dec. 2012
How: Third-party testing to show compliance
Why: To ensure airfield & obstruction LED lighting meets changing performance standards

Learn more about compliance testing for FAA EB 67D.