Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Testing

Ensure the Highest Level of Quality Protection from your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

To meet your needs, we provide rigorous evaluations and expansive testing capabilities to deliver assurance that, even under the most stressful or hazardous conditions, your product will provide sustained protection. Our industry-leading PPE testing services yield third-party test reports which are accepted by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) for a wide array of test standards. SEI issues a third-party certificate for your Intertek-tested PPE product, assuring customers that your product meets performance and industry standards.

Types of PPE Testing Include:

Respiratory Protection & Face Mask Testing
Ensure respiratory protection and face mask compliance with performance testing for FDA and NIOSH pre-certification.

Protective Apparel Testing
Designed to protect wearers from physical, chemical and environmental hazards, PPE apparel items such as face masks, face shields, clothing, helmets, shin guards, work boots and gloves are required to comply with rigorous safety and performance specifications.

Biological & Chemical Resistance Testing
Your commitment to protecting the lives of workers exposed to biological and chemical substances starts with third-party testing to a full suite of industry standards for permeation, penetration and more.

Athletic Equipment Testing
Meet the performance requirements set by leading athletic associations, including NCAA, IAAF and others. Ensure the quality and competitiveness of your equipment with third-party testing.

Criminal Justice Restraints
Ensure the safety and performance of criminal justice restraints per the requirements set by the U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

Fall Protection Equipment Testing
Validate the safety and performance of your fall protection equipment to minimize risk and protect your customers.

Safety Footwear Testing
To market your product in the EU, you must verify compliance to the Personal Protective Equipment Directive and obtain an assessment by a Notified Body, like Intertek.

Treestand and Harness Testing
Meet the Treestand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA) performance requirements and ensure the quality of your equipment with third-party testing.

Helmet, Headgear, and Head Protection Testing
Intertek specializes in evaluating the performance of helmets and other protective headgear products for a variety of industries, occupations, and activities. Learn about product-specific testing standards offered at Intertek.


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