Increase Customer Service and Decrease False Alarms with Central Station Certification

What is Central Station Certification?

Central Station Certification, also known as UL 827, refers to the certification process that a central monitoring station must go through to meet certain industry standards and requirements. A central monitoring station is a facility that provides remote monitoring of security and safety systems, such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, and medical alert systems, among others.

UL 827 sets rigorous standards for central monitoring stations, including requirements for redundant power and communications systems, alarm handling and response procedures, operator training, and facility security. The certification process involves a thorough evaluation of the monitoring station's equipment, systems, and operating procedures to ensure that they meet standards for safety, reliability, and performance.

Central Station Certification is important for customers because it provides assurance that their security system is being monitored by a professional and reliable monitoring service that has been independently verified to meet industry standards. For monitoring stations, UL 827 certification is a way to demonstrate their commitment to quality and reliability and to differentiate themselves from competitors who may not meet the same standards.

Intertek's Central Station Certification Solutions

As a central station, you take pride in your ability to provide your customers with superior service. Whether you monitor fire, security or both, becoming an ETL Listed Central Station can help you achieve a competitive edge while increasing your service offerings and customer loyalty. As standards continue to evolve, your central station certification ensures your compliance with the latest standards, can help you reduce false/unwanted alarms and dispatches, and offers continual professional development and process improvements that help you maintain your reputation and attract new clientele.

Learn how to become an ETL Listed Central Station.

Utilize AlarmDIRECT, our unique online system for generating intrusion and fire certificates.

In addition to providing certification, Intertek works closely with the The Monitoring Association (TMA). Check out the TMA Five Diamond Operator Training Program to learn how as a certified central station you can differentiate yourself even further.

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