Intertek's AlarmDIRECT system allows you to create and deliver alarm system description certificates to AHJs within 24 hours

Intertek unveils the first web based system offering 24-hour access and immediate results, allowing central stations and installers to generate intrusion and fire certificates in a fraction of the time with seamless integration with NRTLs and AHJs.

Easily review, publish, and track the progress of your alarm system description certificates online. Installers can now produce and deliver certificates to each relevant AHJ, including Fire Marshals and insurers, in a matter of hours. AHJs receive electronic notification of Certificate completion and can check status of all certificated properties in their territory, anytime.

Your Competitive Advantage

  • Speed: Create or update certificates in less than 24 hours.
  • Cost: Reduce initial and annual Certificate costs by 30 – 50% - savings that can be shared with clients.
  • Quality of Service: Provide your customers with unparalleled responsiveness and service.

Becoming an ETL Listed Central Station and/or Alarm Services Company will give you the opportunity to grow your business and increase your revenue. AlarmDIRECTis an exclusive benefit for Listed clients. With access to our premier online system, you can make alarm system description Certificate updates in real time, search, view, print and email certificates online, and access information 24/7. In addition, you will be able to automatically notify AHJs and secure AHJ portal to view all active Certificates in their jurisdiction.

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Developed to specifically address the inefficiencies of past processes, AlarmDIRECT now enables faster, more accurate information sharing with 24-hour turnaround guaranteed. Whether you are a certified installer or central station, AlarmDIRECT offers you around the clock access to generate certificates, helping you to streamline the service that you provide to your customers.

Experience seamless integration between your clients, NRTLs, and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction: Once a certificate is requested, the registered AHJ(s) will receive electronic notification of certificate completion and can check the status of all certified properties within their territory – meaning you see results in as little as one day, enhancing the speed at which you are able to interact with your clients.

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